Jack Russells – drama dogs?

Jack Russells – drama dogs?

Apr 15
Jack Russells – drama dogs?

Thank you Iain, for sending me the story of Lulu, the Jack Russell dog, stuck in a drainage pipe for 4 days before finally being rescued. It eventually took fire crew six hours to release her, and like you, I thought this was a touching and unusual story with a happy ending.

I know that you would love a Jack Russell puppy and I suspect that you thought this wonderful tale would endear me to the breed and encourage me to forget my preference to any other.

It almost worked!

However, I wanted to know a little more about this story and unfortunately for you I ‘googled’ ‘stuck Jack Russell’.  True, I didn’t read all of the 2,230,000 results that came up, but I think you should know that Lulu’s behavior wasn’t that uncharacteristic. Far from it!

Let me introduce you some other JR’s who’ve hit the headlines.


Rescued after being trapped more than 4ft underground for four days. Two-year-old terrier Jack fell into a badger sett while chasing a rabbit. Fire crews from Warwickshire used specialist searching equipment to find and free him.


At the centre of a huge rescue effort, after chasing a rabbit into a 20-ton pile of wood, and becoming trapped. Hampshire’s urban search and rescue team used special equipment to shore up the pile, and with the help of a thermal-imaging camera, they finally freed him.


She was trapped in a drainage tunnel for 5 days after chasing a rat. Although she was 8 years old, she survived by drinking sump filter water.

The fire brigade used heat-sensing equipment and cameras on long poles and she was eventually freed when rescuers began digging at a new point in the field.


After he slipped his collar Vinny disappeared 23 feet down a concrete drainage pipe. The RSPCA tried to free the dog but their tools were too limited to help and the fire brigade were called. Firefighters tried to dig down to the pipe with spades, but the ground was too hard. They had to ask another fire crew to help and 10 other officers were sent to help free the dog.


After chasing a rat down a pipe 5ft below the ground Jess, got stuck. Heat-sensor equipment was used to rescue her after she stuck for 3 days.


Rescued after a 19 hour ordeal trapped underground, inside an irrigation pipe. The dog wandered 30 feet down a pipe which ran underneath a storage site and became stuck when his leash got caught. It took 19 hours to drill a hole in order to release him.


The unlikely named dog also got stuck in (yes, you’ve guessed it) a pipe. When the owner failed to rescue him the emergency services were called. After digging first with spades and then with 2 different sizes of bulldozers, plastic tube were put in the pipe and the dog was pushed out.


He had chased a rabbit into its burrow and became wedged in the narrow walls of the warren. Fortunately Jake was a bit of a ‘porker’ and after 25 days he had eventually lost enough body fat to be able to release himself.

And then there are the stories of Tig, Jack, Buster, Casey, Mork, Scuzzy, Tina, Lucy, Cindy and Blade (both stuck underground for 1 week), Sam, Pip, Flossie, Bracken and Pip and many, many more.

These dogs clearly have some sort of Canine Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome and the desire to be rescued by men in uniform.

However, the story that takes the (dog’s) biscuit is that of Tyson,  the Jack Russell that got stuck up a tree !

It took fire-fighters over 6 hours to rescue the dog from a hole in the trunk 25 ft up. I’m not going to even ask how he got there!

Perhaps being stuck underground is becoming too passé for these drama dogs? How long before the ‘Jack Russell, lost in space story?’



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